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Thank you for visiting the e-commerce site, your one stop shopping center for all of your mechanical drive and conveyor component requirements.
We offer a wide range of off the shelf components consisting of:
 ISO 9001:2008 certified          
  Straight Running Conveyor Chain
820 Series (HS)
821 Series (HSW)
Removable Top Plate Series (NSC) 1-1/2" Pitch
Removable Top Plate Series (SC) 2" Pitch
Solid One-Piece Series (SCS) 1", 1-1/2" and 2" Pitch
 Radius Running Conveyor Chain
Radius; 880 Tab Series (HRT)
Radius; 882 Tab Series (LF882)
Radius; Removable Top Plate Series (RCT) 2" Pitch
Radius; Pivot Radius Series (PR/PRT) 1.97" Pitch
 Drag/Pintel Series Conveyor Chain
16-D, 23-D, 26-D and NH78 Pitch

Timing Belt Pulleys and mating Timing Belts

MXL .0800" Pitch
40DP .0816" Pitch
XL 1/5" Pitch
L 3/8" Pitch
HTD 3mm or 5mm Pitch (all stocked in either Polycarbonate or Acetal, some stocked with Aluminum Hubs and set screw)


Plastic Spur Gears

20 Pitch
24 Pitch
32 Pitch
48 Pitch
(Gears stocked in Acetal material and some with brass inserts)


Plastic Roller Chain and Sprockets

#25 - 1/4" Pitch
#35 - 3/8" Pitch
#40 - 1/2" Pitch
#25NCWC Checkweigher Chain
(Sprockets molded and stocked in Nylatron GS51 and Acetal - special materials available upon request)
(Roller Chain available off the shelf in Acetal, Nylon, PVDF and Polypropylene)

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Our customer service representatives are available to answer your questions 8:00 am - 4:30 pm EST.
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