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Roller Chain

Plastock® chains were developed primarily for low-power transmission applications. The chains can be used with steel sprockets or plastic sprockets, and are suitable for relatively wide speed ranges. These drive components can be especially useful in harsh chemical, moisture and temperature environments. The chains can incorporate additives for self lubrication, also useable where cleanliness is important, as in food processing machinery, and computer equipment.
Chains are made with links that snap together so that each link in effect becomes a master link. Various attachments can be used with plastic chains and sprockets. These attachments can be fastened to the chain or sprocket, or molded integrally.
Plastock® chains are available as off the shelf items in 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" pitches. Non standard sizes and shapes including chain with various types of attachments have been developed for special applications.
Plastock® chains and sprockets are generally about one-fifth to one-tenth as heavy as equivalent metal components. They are relatively quiet and are nonconductive and nonmagnetic.
#25 - 1/4" Pitch Roller Chain
1/4" Pitch Roller Chain
#35 - 3/8" Pitch Roller Chain
3/8" (#35) Pitch Roller Chain
#40 - 1/2" Pitch Roller Chain
1/2" (#40) Pitch Roller Chain
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